October 9, 2011

Outing with Girlfriends ;)

Assalamualaikum and Hi! 
yesterday was the day my girlfriends and i hangout to watch new horror movie, Al-Hijab. what can i.. this movie quite scary and there's a lot of shocking part that made me and my girlfriends screaming without thinking about the others. huu. god job Pierre Andre! :D this movie was about a guy that got a role in a horror movie but he do not noe how to play the role because he never ever scared of ghost. so, after asked her girlfriend and her girlfriend's mother for their opinion how to be 'in' the role, he made a decision to open his hijab to see 'other' world. suddenly, there was a woman which was his mother's friend that willingly to help this guy to open his hijab. the guy had a scary life after that. at the end of the story, he became regret of what he had made. but, sadly, when he goin to find back the woman, the woman had died. nobody else can closed the hijab for him... THE END ;)

so, is it scary? HAHA surely not. u guys have to watch it by ur own. there's no feeling if u just read the synopsis rite? HA! u now what, yesterday was the first time i drove my car alone to Jusco. without any co-driver or whatever. when, goin back home, i drove in a raining but thanked God, its not heavy. but ya, ofcozz i'm scared. Alhamdulillah, i arrived safely ;)

Meet my girlfriends <3

                             Qeela ;)                                                                Zira ;)

                                Nisa ;)                                                           Fatin ;)

so, thats all! byebye!

October 2, 2011

just around the CORNER!

Assalamualaikum and Hi! 

huu. hati lupduplupdup resah tak menentu otak penat bekerja badan tak cukup rehat muncul panda eyes. ohhh. semuanya kerana? EXAMINATION!
actually, exam tak start lagi. tapi tak kurang dari satu bulan je. and muet speaking test pun dah dekat. memang preparations for exam kena buat start dari sekarang. hati sangat risau resah gundah semua ada lah. mid-sem ritu teruk and tak nak lah disambung for final sem pulak kan. huu. 
kepada readers yang sudi baca post aku kali ni, diharap sudi mendoakan kecemerlangan aku dalam final sem yang bakal menemui aku. thanks sangat sangat :')


October 1, 2011


Assalamualaikum and Hi peeps!

i don't know why, suddenly harini rasa sangat bersemangat nak post di blog. aku balik rumah minggu ni. rasa homesick tiba-tiba *sigh* tapi rasa agak sedih sebab tak boleh balik semalam. means, aku cuti 2hari je. sekejap :( 
nak tau kenapa tak boleh balik semalam? kalau taknak tau pun, aku still nak bagi tau *lantaklah!!* huu hari ni tiba-tiba KMPK buat program larian KAKOM. and i think this was the symbolic for KAKOM which is will be in next month. yang pelik nya, kenapa lah kami kena lari sekali. sesungguhnya larian itu memang sesuatu aku nak elak sangat sangat. disebabkan aku and the geng sungguh lah tak bersemangat nak berlari, kami pun buat kerja wajib kami, which is " PHOTO SESSION" :P 
memang tak sah la kan if tak bergambar for each events. thats really not us. hee. sampai sampai je padang, tak start pape lagi, Malin terus keluarkan fon 5mp nya untuk snap snap snap gambar kami yang comel comel ni *uppsss :P* and ofcourse, who will be the first person to be snap? HAHA surely me :P

see see.
dengan mata sepet baru bangun tidur. haha.

this, the others <3