August 26, 2011

they need it too

Assalamualaikum and Hi!
now, 3.43am, waiting for sahur. its nearing of Hari Raya, can't wait! hee. actually my mood was not perfectly stable. each people have their own probs rite? it's hard to pretend happy but that what i should do now :') we always think about what others feel and sometimes we just forget to care about our feelings. hm. from now on, i should think about myself first. not to become selfish but, i have to love myself, my feelings too. they need it :') be happy and always smile. hope all the problems may be settle one day. insyaAllah :)

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Anonymous said...

:)btul2..saadah slalu rse mcm ni gk..skrg asik sdih ja..x tau psl pe..