November 17, 2011

S A T U R D A Y !

 Assalamualaikum and Good evening!

surely most of college's students were worried to pass this Saturday. why? why? for those who taking MUET, they know how it feel. huh. ya, i am one of the candidates that will taking MUET this Saturday. surely i'm worried. urghh. scared! on 11th of October 2011, i had passed the MUET speaking test. Alhamdulillah. i'm not saying that i can spoke really fluent but ya, i had do my best on that day. my groupmate, Gui, Mai, and Nabilah gave really good cooperation during discussion. all of them were my classmate. actually, we know we will in the same group before the MUET test. but we had decided not to practice anything. just doing our best on the test day.

this Saturday, which is 19th of November 2011, reading, writing and listening test will be held. i hope the candidates had prepared included me. insyaAllah. i will do my best. maybe there a group of people think that MUET does not important. actually, its important u know. it really help u when u want to enter university or maybe study abroad. think again. don't waste ur time doing nothing with ur MUET.

my English was bad, really. ya, its proven when u read this post right? or maybe my previous posts. hum. my words, my grammar, my vocab, not like an A+ student. i just got A- in my spm. that's why -___-

a lot of my friend were really good in their pronunciation, writing skills. i really jealous of them. eventhough  my second sister was an English teacher and my dad also an English teacher before, i just cant be like them. i love English. but i don't know why, its hard for me to be excellent in this language. i really hope one day, i can change all this. i love to hear English songs, and some, singing it back. love to reading and find new words. but maybe i just got short memory term that make i easily forget. huh. brain. please be cooperate. hee

ok lah. maybe, i should stop now :P . see u guys again later!


sHEiRa S said...

syg, kite same la....i'm worried too... =)

FatenNabila :) said...

sama sama kita doa ye sera :)