January 20, 2013

Last one


Do you know what I feel right now? I bet nobody know. Hihi Okayy actually my mood to study for the last paper already gone. I can't wait for my last paper to end and yes at that time, I want to shout out loud and I hope at that time too I am proud of what I had done thru the final exam. 

I'm scared to face the last paper.. It was one of the killer subject. Even I've already took the subject for SPM and in Matriks but still it hard for my brain to digest the topics. Sure you want to know what actually the subject right, it's PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS! But for part 1, we only learn about probability as same as the syllabus of SPM+Matriks.

 Even how many times I studied and do exercises, it still hard for me to understand. Guess what, I already done my job as a student. To learn, to revise and to do my best and all out for the final exam. And ofcoz, I already set the aim of my study is to achieve my dream and the most important, my main aim, to get Allah's berkat, and fulfil my responsibility as a muslim. I hope, really hope, Allah will hear my dua, and will fulfil it. Ya Allah, please help us, me and my friend. Give us an opportunity to success in our final exam with flying colours. Do show us the right way to solve the questions. Do avoid us from stalemate. Amin amin ya rabbal alamin. 

 And dear readers, please pray for us. We had done our best. We already succeed to answer 4 papers and now, the last one. Yesss deep in our heart, hope for the best in all of the subject. All 5. 

Thank you so much :')


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